How to Save our Planet Earth.

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How to Save our Planet Earth. Empty How to Save our Planet Earth.

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In 1992 World Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, getting rid of pollution was the main agenda as well as making our planet healthy amid industrial progress. However the ratification and implementation of this grand endeavor didn’t materialize, the air we breathe is still enveloped with harmful pollutions, the hole in our ozone layer is getting bigger, the seas and oceans are battered with different problems and issues, and rain forests that serves as a refuge to a delicate ecological balance continues to dwindle. Ten years later in the last 2002 summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, different strategies were dished out and placed in the drawing table. Smarter than the last time the summiteers gave importance of development in saving our very planet we live in. This time, it is well-crafted and well-planned that will lead us to a green century equipped with green approach to deal with present bothering problems we're now facing to preserve our planet.
The sustainable development aim is to expand the source of food for all people, so that they will no longer depend and draw resources from the wild, thus the wilderness and the oceans will have more time to recuperate and regenerate, and eventually be preserved.
“The old environmental movement had a reputation of elitism,” says the United Nations Development program (UNDP) administrator as he added, “The key now is to put people first and the environment second, but also to remember that when you exhaust the resources, you destroy the people."

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