How to Improve Page Rank.

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How to Improve Page Rank. Empty How to Improve Page Rank.

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1. Update your site regularly – Add new pages and create interactive pages, such as blog posts on the site that encourage comments and linking to that page from outside sites (such as bookmarking sites, micro blogs, etcetera.)
2. Link to your website from other sites – This could include email signatures, forum signatures, profile sites, from blog comments, article directories, press release sites, and so on. Link to more than just the home page. Link to various pages within your site.
3. Give away content – Submit to article directories and put links back to your site within your resource box. Make that article available for syndication so other websites will publish the article. By doing that, they’ll link back to your site from their site and this is read by Google as a popularity vote for your site. More votes = better rankings.
4. Link to authority sites from your site – If you have a Page Rank of 1 and you know of a site that has a higher rank in your industry, it could make sense to link to that site. You can do this in blog posts, resources pages, a link roll, and so on. You’ll want to make sure you’re not sending your customers and prospects to a competitor of course, but authority sites could add credibility to your site. Sites that could be considered good authorities could include sites with .gov or .edu extensions. A Wikipedia link to explain terminology is a good example of linking to an authority page. Tip: set the link to open in a new window so that if your visitors click the authority links, they’re not leaving your webpage to do so.
5. Write link bait – Link bait articles (such as top ten lists or articles that offer breaking news, etc.) can become popular quickly and encourage others to link. Each of those links equates to a popularity vote and this could quickly improve your Page Rank

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