What is a magnetic water treatment device?

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What is a magnetic water treatment device? Empty What is a magnetic water treatment device?

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Typically, these devices are permanent magnets or electromagnets that attach to waterlines entering
homes and businesses to “purify” or “condition”water supplies. Manufacturers adopt a variety of
commercial names for their products from the complex—”patented directional controlled magnet,”
“Perm-core,” and “Magnetizer”—to the simple ”metal bar” or “plug-in treatment device.”
Typically, the devices purportedly use electromagnetic fields to change the molecular makeup of
various water constituents like calcium and iron to other more “inert” forms. The claimed result is a
reduction or elimination of water contaminants. One manufacturer describes the magnetic treatment
processes this way, “Water and minerals are subjected to violent intramolecular vibrations and shock
at the same time magnetic energy is being added, the mineral’s crystallization is upset and cohesion
broken.” Sales representatives often persuade potential customers that they can rely on magnetic treatment devices to provide lifetime, energy-free home water treatment.

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