An Introduction to Robotic Technology

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An Introduction to Robotic Technology Empty An Introduction to Robotic Technology

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Robot Part Types
Robots consist of three main components:
• A mechanical device that can interact with surroundings
• Sensors that provide feedback from environment
• A system to communicate between the mechanical device and sensory data
Robot History
The term "robot" is derived from a Czech word that means forced labor. It was coined by Karel Capek, a playwright that invented fictional robot monsters.

Robots can be divided into three main categories:
• Industrial Robots - These robots are dedicated to performing repetitive manufacturing tasks that are often unsafe or unpleasant for human workers. They are designed to repeat the same process over and over without change. Modern industrial robots can easily be programmed to perform new applications.
• Research / Service Robots - These robots are designed to assist in exploring and gathering data. They are often used in space applications, surgeries, and household chores. They are designed to not only interact with the environment, but react appropriately, thus coining the term "artificial intelligence."
• Educational Robots - These robots are sometimes considered toys or kits and are designed to provide an educational experience. Educational robots are used in competitions and for learning experience. They often have the ability to simulate learned behavior.

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