How to Check Page rank.

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How to Check Page rank. Empty How to Check Page rank.

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:52 pm

Lately, Google squashed the highly anticipated public page rank update. This occasion, for web page/site and blog owners it was tough to get their piece updated. Ranks are allotted as PR 1, PR 2, etc. Although, these aren’t much to be concerned with but for a blog owners it is very prestigious. Your PR will be decided by back links. The inner-page would have a higher PR, so it requires equal importance than others. But why should we be concerned about inner PRs? We can make use of these high PR inner pages to take the PR Links to the main page. This will facilitate in bettering the home page’s PR in a chief update. Since they are so important, we shall discuss about two methods to check inner-page ranks:

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