What is the F.B.I.?

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What is the F.B.I.? Empty What is the F.B.I.?

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The F.B.I. is one of the best-known and most “glamorous” departments of the Federal Government. Its full name is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and it was founded in 1908 as a bureau within the United States Department of Justice. The F.B.I. has authority to investigate violations of Federal laws and matters in which the United States is, or may be, a party in interest. In 1924, the Identification Division of the F.B.I. was created. It started with a library of 810,188 fingerprint records. Today, the F.B.I. has the fingerprint cards of more than 100,000,000 people! The headquarters of the F.B.I. are in Washington, D. C., and it has 52 field offices throughout the United States and its possessions. Along with its own responsibilities, the F.B.I. is a service organization for local law enforcement agencies. Its facilities are available for the assistance of municipal, county, and state police departments.

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