What Types of Home Alarm security Systems?

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What Types of Home Alarm security Systems? Empty What Types of Home Alarm security Systems?

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Hard wired- hard wired systems run off your land line (telephone line). These setups are the traditional and least expensive home security setups, but they are also not as secure as cellular systems, which aren't prone to thieves cutting your phone line. In older homes in particular, where land lines tend to be exposed, we recommend you go with a cellular system.
Wireless - while wireless systems also run off a telephone land line, the components (sensors, etc.) are not hard wired into your home. This makes it easier to move your alarm system in the event that you move, especially if you move before your contract expires. However, in older homes, exposed phone lines may put your system at risk.
Cable (broadband) - cable systems run off your broadband Internet connection. Unfortunately, it's possible for thieves to cut these cables as well, especially in older homes, thereby severing your connection to your monitoring station. If you opt for a broadband system, you'll want to obtain a battery backup for your modem and router. While this won't help against cut lines, it will help keep your alarm system online in the event of unexpected outages due to lightning storms, etc.
Cellular - cellular alarm systems are the way to go. They communicate with your central station using a cellular signal that runs over a two-way cellular network (not the same network your cell phone is on, so your alarm system won't go down if your cell phone experiences a dropped call).

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